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YSL Opium

“The opulent decadence of the Eau de Parfum captures the overtly sensual spirit of the original parfum designed by Yves Saint Laurent, only in a lighter spray form. Striking notes of mandarin and bergamot are made mystical with middle notes myrrh and jasmine. A final accord of deep amber laced with Opoponaux imbues the scent with its celebrated rapture. In a chic Chinoiserie-inspired flacon.”

My Review of YSL Opium

The first time I tried YSL Opium, I did not care for it much, found it sharp and strong, and moved on to other fragrances. But over the years, I kept coming across references to YSL Opium, the classic favourite of the 80s. And one day, I ordered it online, without trying, just for the historic value. Once it arrived, I sprayed a small amount on my wrist, and again found it sharp and strong, however it soon tamed down to something powdery, and I wasn’t so sure about it yet, and it kept lying around my cupboard, unused.

ysl opium @ http://scentsuncorked.com

After a few months I again brought Opium out, this time the weather had started to turn a bit towards winters. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, it absolutely shines in winters. It is amazing, spicy, warm, sweet. Though Opium is mainly known as a spicy scent, it becomes quite sweet on me. Not sweet like a gourmand fragrance, but the sweet incense, resinous, thick and deep. The myrrh gives it a kind of smoky and warm incense like quality.

The listed notes in Opium are Top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Lily of the valley, Middle Notes of Carnation, Jasmine, Myrrh and Base Notes of Patchouli, Opoponax, Amber, and Vanilla

Opium starts with a strong note of carnation, which mimics cinnamon on me. Light florals mixed with dry cinnamon, and is very powdery at this stage. Soon it starts to change and develops the notes of incense and becomes quite sweet. Vanilla, Myrrh and opoponax combine to make it a very warm and comforting scent. The Jasmine is not very pronounced, and it can’t be called an overtly floral fragrance. YSL Opium is still amongst the bestsellers, 38 years after it got launched, and justifiably so. It was first launched in 1977 and the current version came in 2009. The original was much more complex, spicy and a sillage monster. The reformulation is toned down, but it still retains parts of original opium. Some find it as a complete violation of the original beauty, but I find it to be more wearable now, being enveloped in the aroma of Opium without suffocating anyone around. After a long time I found a scent am wearing for a week in a row. The longevity remains amazing, and now even my quilt smells of Opium. Awesome. The sillage decreases after 5-6 hours, but you will keep getting whiffs off yourself throughout the day.

ysl opium @ http://scentsuncorked.com

A beautiful and sophisticated smell, not meant for young girls. Wear it in winters, and during night time, will get too strong in summer days.

The bottle is beautiful, like a whisky flask with a clear glass window in the middle to give a glimpse of the liquid inside.

Will I recommend it: Yes!! But stay away if you prefer gourmands or the fresh-florals. This will stand out amongst all the modern day scents, and will get you noticed as a smoky siren.

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