how to choose perfume for men@

How to choose perfume for men: Gifting Guide

In continuance with the post on what perfume to buy for your girl friend/ wife, or for any girl for that matter, here is the post on how to choose perfume for men.

how to choose perfume for men@

The initial steps remain the same, wherein you try and find out what might be his likes, and try finding something similar.

How to choose Perfume for Men:


Perfumes are expensive, so please decide a budget, and stick to it.

What he uses:

Do you know what perfume is he using currently? if yes, it might help you in finding something else similar to it, since he already enjoys such perfumes. A knowledgeable shopping assistant at any departmental store might be able to help out here. If not, well, lets keep looking.

What kind he likes:

Do you know, if she likes any particular type of fragrance? Maybe he loves musky, or aquatic, or woody, or tobacco. If yes, try and find something where this is the dominant note.If not, well, lets keep looking.


Try checking with his friends, if they know what he wants to buy next, or what he is using currently?

If all that fails, here is the list based on uses and types.

  1. Office wear:

    Hermes Terre d’hermes/ Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

  2. Gym wear/ casual wear/ summer wear:

    Hugo Boss Boss in Motion/ Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme/ Dior Homme Cologne (clean, fresh, citrus and yet classy enough for a cologne)

  3. Winter wear:

    Burberry Touch for men (if you prefer spicy) / Prada Luna Rossa (if you prefer slightly sweet aromas)

  4. Night wear/ Party wear:

    Paco Rabanne One Million/ Dior Pour Homme Intense (for the suave, urbane metrosexual man)/ Dior Fahrenheit (for the rugged male)

My personal favourite out of these is Dior Pour Homme Intense.


Another amazing perfume, if you could get our hands on will be Guerlain Habit Rouge, though the availability is limited.

Will soon add reviews of these perfumes as well. Till then keep reading, and do comment if this helped.

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  • Vaibhav Telavane

    I will suggest Dior Homme Cologne to add this list.