SJP Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

“Lovely on the inside”

SJP Lovely was a blind buy for me, as the usual retailers, do not stock up on this brand, though it is easily available on online stores. The notes and the reviews made me want to have it, and well, it is damn good.

Notes for this lovely fragrance are Top Notes of Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Martini, Heart Notes of Patchouli, Orchid, White pepper and Base Notes of Amber, Musk, Cedar, Woody notes, and Salt


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My Review of SJP Lovely

The tear drop shaped delicate bottle seems just perfect for this delicate fragrance. But delicate does not mean it fades away, you can still feel it’s presence by the end of the day, though as a skin scent, on clothes, it lasts till washing.

SJP Lovely is how a girl should smell. If innocence had a smell, this is how it would smell like. Sweet and musky with a depth that makes me want to keep sniffing my wrists. People will look for reasons to come by your desk, to catch a whiff ;). It is perfect for the spring days, wearing a pink floral dress, going through a garden full of lovely flowers, or reading a book under the shade of the trees. The lavender in it makes it calming, relaxing and very peaceful, like a snugly warm blanket on a winter night. This perfume just grows on you, makes you want to be enveloped in its musky woody floral aroma, while the apple martini keeps it crisp at the same time. SJP Lovely is very well blended, with no individual notes sticking out. It is the perfect first date scent, very romantic and delicate.

SJP Lovely is quite similar to Narcisso Rodriguez for her, available at less than half the price, and much more long lasting. I own them both, and find it better than NR. Give it a try if you want to be complimented all the time on your LOVELY smell.

Will I recommend it: Definitely

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Price: Available from INR 2500-3500 in various online stores

(Image Courtesy: SJP Lovely ad campaign, and SJP fragrances, and mine)

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  • Vaibhav Telavane

    Excellent perfume by SJP.