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SJP Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Covet is the 3rd fragrance launched by Sarah Jessica Parker. After absolutely loving Lovely, I had to have it, which was marketed as the bolder, more unisex offering. So yes I did covet it :P.

Notes as given on Fragrantica:

Top Notes: Lavender, Pelargonium Leaf, Dark Chocolate, Cicilian Lemon
Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, Magnolia, Lily-of-the-valley
Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Cashmere wood, Vetiver, Teak wood

My Review of SJP Covet

My expectations from SJP Covet after reading the notes was something loud and sexy, its got chocolate after all. But could I be any more wrong. The opening is a strong burst of lemon and a lot of crushed leaves (geranium is what they say). Very medicinal, very strong, and very off to my nose. This made me check the dates on my bottle, to see if its gone bad :(. But it does turn around, from that strong opening emerges the beautiful dry down. It mainly comprises of lavender which calms you, with a dash of lemon to keep things fresh, and rich dark chocolate to make things warm, and mint to keep it cool,amazing. SJP Covet is like working in your own kitchen herb garden, with a chocolate cake baking in the oven, sending delicious wafts your way.


SJP Covet @

Am writing this review in a crowded metro, on way to my office, with some lovely music and a cloud of my own garden around me keeping me calm and relaxed through all the rush. But Covet is not a mainstream fragrance at all, it is different. Its not meant for people looking for sweet florals, it is heavy and herbal, and it envelopes you.

SJP Covet is another beautiful fragrance which is discontinued, but available on some online stores. The bottle is very pretty, and very apt. Chocolate colored flower atop a mint green chubby bottle, exactly what the fragrance is, chocolate with some leaves and mints.

Longevity is pretty good as well, and I could still get whiffs of it off me in evening without reapplication, sillage is good.

Will I recommend it:

I don’t know, I love it and it will always be a part of my collection, but this might not be an everyday scent. Recommended only if you are looking for something different, and prefer green herbal notes over the sweet fruity florals, and some chocolate to go with it.

SJP Covet @

Price: Available at around INR 2000 for 50 ml on various online stores

(Picture Courtesy: SJP Covet ad campaign, and mine)

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