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Perfume Layering

Perfume layering is an art, something you master with a lot of experiments, or maybe are just born with a flair for it. In layman terms, layering refers to mixing two or more fragrant substances together. this has been briefly dealt with under After you Commit to a bottle of perfume

Everyone does layering in one way or another, knowingly or unknowingly. You might be wearing a particular deodorant and a perfume, that is layering, a perfumed body-wash and a perfume, that is layering, a scented moisturiser and a perfume, that also is layering. sometimes, this layering leads to out-standing results, and sometimes it might be disastrous, and at other times it might go totally unnoticed as the stronger scent completely overpowers the milder one.

There can be multiple ways of layering and purposes.

1. Same Scent Layering:

This is done to make the scent last long and increase the sillage. This is done with products from the same scent line, like bath products, moisturisers and then the perfume of the same line. The gift packs are available for most of the fragrances, and can be used for perfume layering.

Perfume layering @

Layering Hacks:

Instead of buying the expensive gift-packs, you can mix a spray or 2 of the fragrance in any unscented lotion while applying, and use it to layer your perfume.

2.  Similar scent Layering:

This is done to increase your favourite aspect of a particular perfume, and can be achieved by mixing a single note based scent or a linear perfume with a complex one. this can be achieved by mixing a vanilla body lotion with a vanilla based perfume, such as Dior Addict.

Layering hacks:

You can also try these hacks with perfume oils, they are much more concentrated and powerful, and hence last real long. I use tea rose perfume oil along with Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual, the combination really brings out the rose of very irresistible. Also, if you apply the perfume directly over the oil, it increases the longevity of the perfume as moisturised skin retains perfume molecules for longer.

Perfume layering @

3. Different Scent Layering:

This is the fun part where you can experiment, and create your own unique scents. Mix two completely different perfumes, perfumed oils or oil and perfume. Some tried and tested layering with amazing results is vanilla with woody, vanilla with fruity, woody with citrus, different types of florals, vanilla with spicy etc.

Got an old bottle of perfume, you thought you can’t use anymore? Play around with it with some hints from ‘Perfume Layering’ to create your own unique blend.

Some of my personal favourites:

YSL CinemaPrada L’eau Ambree

YSL CinemaDior J’adore

YSL Cinema + D&G Light Blue

Prada L’eau AmbreeDior J’adore

Givenchy Eaudemoiselle + Clinique Beyond Rose

So Pretty de CartierYSL Opium

The combinations can again vary based on the amounts of the two used. Spray the stronger one as base, and the weaker one on top of it, or maybe in a different place altogether.

Not recommended combinations are musky and Aquatics, it tends to give a body odour like smell. Also don’t mix complex and individualistic scents, like Chanel No 5, as they don’t tend to mix very well with others.


Do you have any favourite combinations? Do comment!!

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