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“A fresh woody floral for a seductive, witty and terribly bold woman… An explosive mixture that will make hearts break and inflame passions.”

Lady Million is very nice and sweet, fruit floral patchouli, and at the same time nothing unique. If you want to smell nice and generic, this is for you, but if you want to smell nice & unique, keep searching.

The listed notes in Lady Million are as follows, Top notes of  Neroli, Lily-of-the-valley, Heart notes of Gardenia, Hyacinth, and Base notes of Patchouli, and Honey.

Paco Rabbane lady million @ http://scentsuncorked.comMy Review of Paco Rabbane Lady Million

Floral opening, patchouli in the base, there are so many such perfumes around, that if you test blind, you wouldn’t be able to tell one from another. I myself have atleast 5 such bottles. But still, the honey here does add some depth and warmth, and makes it better than the rest. The patchouli in Lady Million is not dirty, and only balances the sweetness.

The concept is not new, but Lady Million as a product is very well done, and I do enjoy wearing it when am not in the mood for anything serious. It smells and feels fun, a sexy happy scent for a lighter mood. The bottle is gorgeous and looks really good on my dresser.

Paco Rabbane lady million @

I have both the edp & edt version of Lady Million,  and edp is definitely better, more deep and longer lasting with amber in the base. I got the edt as a mistake, wanted edp, but got an edt, long story. As a plus point, this is less sweeter than the edp, exactly how I prefer my scents to be. So I don’t mind reapplying after 4-5 hours. Anyways, this is not bad, and has a decent longevity going by the edt standard. Sillage is decent.

Overall I do like it, and wear it often, but this is not a ground-breaking scent, pleasant sure, and sensual enough to be appreciated by many.

Will I recommend it: yes, suits the college going crowd perfectly, and also for a fun day with friends.

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