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Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP

The official description for Narciso Rodriguez for Her, ‘A modern classic, for her seduces with purity, grace and subtlety. Musk, the heart of the scent, is refined by a synthesis of floral notes and hints of soft amber. Sensual and addictive, for her is femininity at its most powerful.’  

The notes, as listed are, top notes of rose and peach, heart notes of musk and amber, and base notes of sandalwood and patchouli.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her took some time to grow on me! But grew it definitely did. This top ranking modern perfume for women is a soft musky rose, very sensual and ethereal.

My Review of Narciso Rodriguez for Her

I didn’t like Narciso Rodriguez for Her much on my first several tries. Found it weak, and nothing unique. However, since I already had a full bottle of it, I kept giving it more chances and slowly and steadily it grew on me, and also proved me wrong on the weak part.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her starts a little sharp and chemically, but that stays only for a few seconds. I don’t detect and peach in the notes, maybe that only acts as an accessory note to add some sweetness to the whole composition. It soon becomes a soft musky rose scent, one of the best subtle roses out there. It is soft, creamy and very very elegant. The scent does not change much over time, and remains a balmy gauzy presence throughout. The amber and patchouli add depth to the overall composition, making it deliciously creamy and feminine.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her is a beautiful perfume, simple enough to be worn everyday, and classy enough to not feel out of place with a string of pearls. It is a perfect coffee date perfume. Slightly mature, and may not be an instant hit with 20 somethings, but if you are looking for something romantic and sensual, this is it!!

The bottle is perfect for the juice inside, soft pink. It looks as elegant and classy as the perfume is!

The sillage and longevity are perfect, the scent last whole day, without the need for touch ups, and sillage is enough to not be obtrusive and yet being discernible.

Will I recommend it? Definitely Yes

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