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My Burberry is the latest and the biggest offering by the house of Burberry, described as “The iconic fragrance inspired by the trench coat. The scent captures the essence of a London garden after the rain.”

Notes as given on the bottle: Sweet pea, Bergamot, Golden Quince,Freesia, Geranium, Rose and Patchouli.

Notes as given by Fragrantica:

              Top Notes: Sweet pea, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Grape fruit, Lemon

              Heart Notes: Geranium, Freesia, Quince, Passion fruit, Peach, Green Notes, Gardenia

              Base Notes: Patchouli, Damask rose, Rose, Leather, Violet, Musk

My Review of My Burberry

The description as given by Francis Kurkdijan, the maker of this perfume is,”inspired by London, an urban garden. You have the vibrancy of the city, so it is something contemporary. You have the garden. You have the flowers…and the art of gardening, which is very important for the British. The flowery aspect of the perfume comes from that idea of the garden after the rain. You have the lush wetness. You have the soil. You have the earthiness. All of these feelings.” As for his choice of notes, he said he wanted to evoke “the feeling of the light of London: clouds, wetness, rain, flowers.” He said the main flowers are roses and freesia, “which is a little bit spicy and adds brightness. Then geranium leaves, which give an herbal, almost minty, vibrancy to the perfume. Then from the back note, there are patchouli leaves and quince—a fruit that is between a pear and an apple. Very British. It is not fruity, fruity. It is fruity floral. Then on top you have linen and bergamot”.

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My review of MY BURBERRY

In one word, My Burberry is beautiful, and that too in a classical way. However, I don’t know so much about the garden and rain part, or maybe Indian Gardens just don’t smell like this after rains, but this is not the typical garden after rain scent for me, but more of a garden as it seems in the early morning, on a chilly day, with a slight bite in the air. But dry, no rains. That being said, it is a very high quality fruity-floral, not like the dime a dozen fruity-florals that are doing the rounds.

My Burberry starts with a lovely note of sweet pea, which seems very ethereal and extremely feminine, with the slightest tinge of citrus notes to keep it from becoming over sweet. It is a very well-blended scent, where individual notes are not much evident, and in the beginning it just doesn’t seem to evolve at all. But the evolution is so smooth, it takes time to realize that this isn’t what you started with. A true beauty.

The middle notes are very creamy, delightfully floral, but with no particular note sticking out. It is like taking a sniff out of a bouquet of mix flowers, with a generous doze of baby lotion thrown in. It has that innocent quality of baby lotion, which makes me want to be completely enveloped in it.

I don’t get much of the rose, it is not a rose centric scent, but rose is somewhere in there to add depth to it. The dry down becomes a little woody and green, though no wood notes are listed. There is an earthiness to My Burberry, which makes it timeless and elegant.

All in all, My Burberry is a very well-blended, classic scent, nothing unique, but beautiful, and pleasant. It could be worn any-time, and by anyone, and will get appreciated. It is the scent of all things beautiful and classy. Like all burberry perfumes, it is long lasting, with a very good sillage. A quick favourite.


It comes in a classic heavy glass bottle, with a cap in the design of the trench coat button. The bow on the neck is also of the same material as that of the burberry trench. A very fitting dedication to the trench. It is easily available at all major perfume retailers.

Will I recommend it: yes, but it is pricey. However, a little goes a long way.

Retail Price: INR 4827 for 30 ml, INR 6369 for 50 ml, INR 8380 for 90 ml


(Picture Courtesy: Burberry official campaign, and mine)

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