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Hugo Boss Deep Red

“The Little Black Dress of fragrances, HUGO BOSS Deep Red is a fruity aroma with floral undertones. A blend of sandalwood, ginger flower, and blood orange creates a bold, yet feminine scent”

Deep Red has top notes of Clementine, Mandarin Orange, Blood Orange, Black Currant and Pear, Middle notes of Tuberose, Freesia, Ginger, Hyacinth seed and Ginger Flower, and the Base notes of Sandalwood, California cedar, musk and vanilla.

My Review of Hugo Boss Deep Red

Hugo Boss Deep Red is a warm, rich, beautiful, juicy and succulent scent. Am not a big fan of overtly fruity scents, but this one is just so well made and rounded, the fruits, flowers and the spices balance very well. I do not detect any citrus notes in the opening, and it’s a lot of pear and black currant, bit too strong and slightly off to me, but that subsides within minutes to reveal the heart. The heart is a beautiful combination of berries (am surprised only black currant is listed), ginger, freesia and sandalwood. Rich, sweet and temptingly delicious. The base is very vanilla, very sweet, with blood oranges which doesn’t let it become gourmand. If you like vanilla, this is for you. This is not the nauseatingly sweet kinds, but smells really high quality and ginger adds a lot of spice and warmth to Deep Red. This is a perfect cold weather scent, elegant and sexy. The only downside is the lasting power, it does not stay the day. It fades after a few hours, and becomes just a skin scent. The longevity is tad better in winters, when it lasts for 3-4 hrs, in summers its barely there after an hour or two. Surprisingly it fades away from clothes as well, and needs to be reapplied. As a skin scent, it does remain there, but would be imperceptible to anyone more than an inch away from you.

Apart from the longevity issue, Hugo Boss Deep Red is a very nice perfume, spicy and sweet, without ever becoming over-powering. Try it out, if you love vanilla, and don’t mind reapplying often, as till the time it lasts, Deep Red smells like a dream. Deep Red is more suitable to the young girls and women, than a mature lady. It does remind me a bit of the Dior Hypnotic Poison, but only a bit. The bottle shape is nice and interesting, like a woman in a red-black gown, exactly the kind of girl it will suit best to, A lady in red, with sexy stilettos.

Will I recommend it: I won’t repurchase it, as no matter how nice it smells, I want my perfumes to last!! But it’s not very expensive, and is often available online at dirt cheap prices, so you might anyways go for it.

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