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How to Choose Perfume: Find your Signature Scent

How to choose perfume: Tips and Tricks before you buy

It is confusing to go and buy a perfume when you don’t know what you want, and more often than not, you might end up with something you do not want, or don’t appreciate so much in the long run. So how to zero in on the perfect perfume for yourself:


You need to figure out the purpose of buying a new perfume. Is this for work/ for day wear/ for parties, and go from there. Clearly explain your shopping assistant, that what you are looking for. Eg, you are looking for something for daily wear


Is there any particular note, or types of notes that you prefer. If so, then make a note of it and inform the SA accordingly. Eg: you are looking for a rose based scent, or maybe vanilla, or citrus

how to choose perfume @


Try all the perfumes in the genre you want at the store. Try with testing on the strips, and try and jot down the names on the strips itself, as it might get mixed up in the end. Try keeping only the strips that do interest you, and discard the rest.

Also you can bring back some strips home, if you are not sure what you like. But the scent does not hold on paper for long, and ideally you should put it into a ziplock bag, for considering later.

Skin chemistry:

Once you know what you like on paper, try it out on your skin. Give it some time to settle, as it is bound to change from the initial top notes. You can go about for the rest of your shopping while the scent develops, and see if you appreciate the base notes as much as you did the top notes. Also note if the sillage and longevity suits your taste.

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Also do keep in mind that longevity and sillage are dependent on the type of perfume/ perfume concentration and the notes (Before you commit to a bottle).


If you have the time and the inclination, read a few reviews on the scent of your choice. You will get an idea about its evolution, longevity and sillage. Also you might be able to see if it’s very similar to some other perfume, which could be available at half the price.

how to choose perfume @


The SA’s at major departmental stores will give anything to ensure you buy from them. Don’t seem too keen, and they will try to sweeten the deal by offering you freebies such as samples/ shaving kits/ purses/ travel bags etc.

how to choose perfume @

Most importantly, a perfume should make you feel something, its only then when you will connect with a scent for real. The olfactory memories (memories based out of our sense of smell) are amongst the strongest form of memories, and you might just be able to find that one perfume you could connect with a happy phase and it will always remind you of that, like the smell of your mother baking you a cake when you were a kid. Bliss.

Hope you have a happy shopping experience, and please do comment if this article helped you in any way.

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    Suggestions for girls too please..

  • Drankit1612

    Please suggest a few of your favourite

    • Rajni

      Hi…I will try to narrow it down as much as I can..

      For Guys: Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey for day wear, preferably in summers, and Burberry Touch for day wear preferably in winters. For Night/ Party wear my personal favourite is Dior Homme Intense..

      And yours??