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Gucci Guilty Intense for Women

Gucci Guilty Intense for Her was launched in 2011 as a follow up to Gucci Guilty (EDT). The scent has been officially described as “a provocatively warm oriental floral with passion at its core. The scent seizes attention with a flamboyant opening born of the natural rush that is mandarin – imbued with a modish transparency – shimmering alongside an audacious fist of pink pepper. The middle notes reveal a blossoming of lilac, enriched with the sensual femininity of powdery violet and heliotropine. The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances reaches a lavish new intensity laced with an addictive, amber-rich sillage”

Gucci Guilty Intense consists of the top notes of Mandarin Orange and Pink Pepper, Middle notes of Heliotrope, Lilac and Violet, and Base notes of Patchouli and Amber.

My Review of Gucci Guilty Intense

Gucci Guilty Intense is the EDP version of Gucci Guilty, supposed to be more heavier and longer lasting (more on that later). This opens up with a large dose of pink pepper, clear and sparkling. I do not detect much mandarin anywhere, in the entire pyramid. The pepper provides it the spiciness and the bite to make the opening enthralling. The opening soon turns floral, and quite delicious at that, Lush and juicy.  Lilac is the main note here, sweet, innocent and fresh, with amber and pink pepper to add depth and a bit of spiciness. However it soon becomes a bit flat, lilac, amber, patchouli mix. The patchouli as well is pretty clean and kind of syrupy, instead of dirty.

Gucci Guilty Intense is a Spicy, Soft, fresh & warm scent. It is sweet, sophisticated, clean & crisp. This is a nice fragrance, a crowd pleaser, but nothing in this stands out to make it unique. Gucci Guilty Intense is pleasant, easy to wear scent, but nowhere near the sex-bomb that it is advertised as. Also Gucci Guilty Intense is too light to be an intense, I wish it were stronger. I usually end up over applying, and it still becomes a skin scent within a few short hours. However, as a skin scent it lasts quite long. Also, it stays longer on clothes, so I end up spraying quite generously, and that ways it stays throughout the day, and I keep getting whiffs now and then. The sillage is moderate initially, and low after a few hours.

It can be worn any time and in any season, and also by any age. It is harmless enough to be worn in office, not particularly sexy, but warm and comforting.

The bottle of Gucci Guilty Intense is rectangular, golden plastic, with the trademark interlaced G’s of Gucci as a clear window to show the juice levels inside. It is a little tacky for my taste, but many will find it quite glamorous.

Will I recommend it? Not really, there are better perfumes out there, and at this price, I would expect something extra in my perfume.

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