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Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Good Girl is the latest sensation at all perfume counters right now, with huge stiletto bottles hogging the limelight. Good Girl, comes with the tagline of ‘It’s so good to be Bad’, and it definitely is designed to be the bad girl, she is sexy and mysterious.

Company’s Description: “GOOD GIRL – a fragrance as powerful as it is sensual. An audacious blend of dark and light elements. For the woman who loves her good side and celebrates her bad side

The Good Girl consists of top notes of Almond and coffee, middle notes of Jasmine Sambac & Tuberose, and base notes of Tonka Bean and Cacao.

My Review of Good Girl

In one word, Good Girl smells of Quality. This is rich, luxurious, deep and velvety. Good girl starts off with a good dose of Cacao and Tonka, and boy this is strong!! One spray, and people will notice. Good Girl had me sniffing my wrist again and again, and then yet again. The opening reminds me of Dior Addict. It smells quite sweet and delicious, with lots of Jasmine, some coffee and slightly nutty flavor from the almonds. Incredibly lovely!!! But this is not the run of the mill good girl stuff, she is a bad girl and she knows it!! The Tuberose kicks in sometime after the 20-30 minute mark, and adds a creamy sweetness to it, and also a similarity to Thierry Mugler Alien. However, Good Girl becomes a little cloying after a while (around 1-2 hrs), with a predominance of Tonka and white florals and some fruits?, and that is when I lost my interest. I wish it had more of coffee and almonds to keep it alive.

Good Girl is incredibly strong and lost lasting. One spray, and it was all I could smell for next few hours. It remained on my hand for hours, endured a fair number of hand washes, and then lasted some more. The sillage is great too. This is the perfume to get you noticed, not for those who prefer a quiet and muted scent. The bottle is just WOW!! The dark navy stiletto looks chic and sexy. The bottle is easy to spray with, and will look amazing on the dresser.

Will I recommend it? Yes, if you like sweet and strong perfumes, however, I wish there was a little more coffee in it to keep it interesting.

Price: I have only seen it on Duty Free shops overseas till now, so not sure about the price in India. But this, is not a budget buy for sure.


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