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1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Diet plays a very important role in your weight loss journey to become a fitter you!! By diet, I do not mean to starve yourself, but choosing healthier and nutritional alternatives, and consuming wholesome balanced meals.

This post is about a sample diet plan, to help you on your journey.

Diet Plan

Calorie Target: 1200 for Women and 1800 for men

The mentioned calorie target is to create about a 200-300 calorie deficit in your daily requirement, and will lead you to lose some weight on its own. However, for best results, combine it with an exercise routine. Though, do make sure to increase your calorie consumption, along with the exercise, like for every 200 calories burnt, you can consume an extra 100-150 calories.

Breakfast (At around 7:00-8:00 am)

This is the most important meal of the day, and the one that should never be skipped. Breakfast should be mainly protein, along with little fats and carbs, to keep you full for longer, and also to take care of the overnight fasting state.

Sample Plan: A portion of egg whites/ Sprouts/ Oatmeal/ Quinoa/ Daliya/ Greek Yogurt to provide the proteins, a portion of fruits, to provide the essential micro nutrients and fiber, and a glass of skimmed milk to provide calcium, and an additional dose of proteins. You can replace the milk, with a glass of vegetable juice if your main source of protein is greek yogurt.

The calorie breakdown of this breakfast is: Around 200 cals from the main protein source, 50-100 cals from fruit helping, and a 100 cals from the skim milk. Total calories consumed is 400.

This sample is for women, and men need to increase the portion sizes by 1.5 times, to make it 600 calories.

Mid Day Snack (Around 11:00 am)

Mid day snacking is important to ensure you do not get very hungry before lunch, and consume junk, or overeat at the time of lunch.

The ideal calorie content of the snack should be around 100 cals (150 for men), and can include a handful of mixed nuts/ an apple/ a banana/ mix vegetable salad (preferable tomatoes, cucumbers, salad greens, and a little cheese. The salad dressing should be avoided, as they are very high in calories, and could be replaced with a dash of lemon and seasonings, but if you have to have a dressing, then take a drizzle of olive oil, vinegar or yogurt dressing).

Lunch (Around 1:00-2:00 pm)

The lunch can be a portion of Lean meat/ Fish/ Legumes/ Cottage Cheese/ Steamed vegetables/ Beans etc, and it can contribute up to 200 calories, to be consumed along with a Roti/ a small bowl of rice/ a piece of bread, with a calorie contribution of 100 cals.

The lunch will contribute a total of 300 cals to your daily allotment. (450 for men, increase the portion size accordingly)

Evening Snack (Around 5:00 pm)

The evening snack should be heavier compared to the mid day snack, as we will be following it up with a very light dinner, and it can contribute about 200 calories (300 for men). The best evening snacks could be a sprouts salad/ Fruits along with some whole grain contribution, like pop corn (without any butter), Vegetable Sandwich, Cottage cheese salad, a fruit or vegetable smoothie or any other similar item. Focus on ensuring that it is some non fried snack, and should be filling, without being calorie dense.

Dinner (Around 8:00 pm)

The dinner should be equal to evening snack, in terms of calories, but should be mainly steamed vegetables/ portion of yogurt/ vegetable salad/ Tofu salad/ Green smoothie etc. The dinner should be low in carbs, and more in fibre, to keep you full for longer. Also, since you would be sleeping shortly, it is preferable to consume less of carbs, as they will not get used.

The dinner should clock out at an average of 200 calories, or 300 calories for men. With additional exercise, you definitely get to eat more, but try and keep that to healthier alternatives as much as possible, fruits and vegetables instead of junk, whole grains over processed food, and nuts over other munchies, and soon you will be looking and feeling your best!!!

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