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“Clean and sheer, warm and sexy. Difficult to define; impossible to resist. Lighter, more relaxed fragrance form is designed for lavish use all over the body”

Chanel Allure was launched in ’96, but it doesn’t smell dated, instead is an extremely feminine and The fragrance notes for Chanel Allure are, Top notes of Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Peach and Passion Fruit. The middle notes comprising of Jasmine, Water Lily, Freesia, Honeysuckle, Magnolia, May Rose, Orange blossom and Peony. The base notes are Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber, Patchouli and Vanilla.

My Review of Chanel Allure

Chanel Allure is a rich and complex fragrance. It is very well blended and balanced, despite the multitude of notes. The fragrance opens up very fresh and citrusy, like a blast, but very pleasant and never overwhelming. Am not a big fan of citrus, but here it is very green and clean, absolutely lovely.

The beauty of Chanel Allure lies in its simplicity, a clean citrus-floral-vanilla perfume, dripping with the Chanel sophistication. The floral heart of Allure soon takes over, mainly honeysuckle and magnolia, mixed with the warm sweetness of vanilla, and freshness of mandarin oranges. The vetiver and amber stay in the background, never letting it become too sweet but also never being dominant. The floral heart extends right till the base. The base is slightly powdery and soapy, but still delicious enough. In a word, it really is Alluring.

Chanel Allure is light, classy and elegant. The creamy richness of Allure will envelop the senses and make you heady. It is meant for a sophisticated woman, not a girl, and is perfect for both day and night wear, work or a get together. My only issue with Allure is the sillage, which is very close. The scent lasts almost all day, but after a few hours the sillage is only a few inches. The EDP is much stronger and longer lasting, and also a lot sweeter. I prefer the EDT over the EDP, much more Alluring!!

The flacon follows the Chanel tradition of simplicity, is a rectangular clear glass bottle, and a silver metal cap with a yellowish ring in middle with the word CHANEL. The EDP comes in a similar bottle, and has a reddish-brown cap with the ring.

Will I recommend it: Yes, it is very elegant and romantic, but at the same time, being a Chanel, it is quite pricey!!

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