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Cartier La Panthere

Cartier is a brand, you can count on for high quality scents. And they have not disappointed with La Panthere as well. A beautiful floral, described as “Feral Floral” by the house of Cartier. This is a beautiful earthy floral scent, light and lingering, but not so feral or animalic as it is marketed by Cartier. La Panthere is captivating, right from the bottle to the juice.

Cartier La Panthere comprises of the Top notes of Rhubarb, Big Strawberry, Dried Fruits, Bergamot, Anise, Heart Notes of Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Pear, Rose, Ylang-ylang and Base Notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli, and Leather

La Panthere is not your girl next door, she is the classy Louis Vuitton toting, Chanel wearing sophisticated woman out on a luncheon. But she is also comfortable enough in her pyjamas, lounging around the house with her friends. This fragrance was introduced to me by the Parcos store manager as the ‘Best fragrance in the house for females’.

cartier la panthere

La Panthere is a very well blended fragrance, without the individual notes standing out, and it smells quality and expensive. This is not the gourmand fruity fragrance at all, infact, I hardly get any fruits in it. It is a creamy earthy floral, the oak moss, adding an ethereal touch to it. The feel of the jungle floor, where a lot of flower petals have dropped. La Panthere is a toned down chypre fragrance, there is a classical touch to it, but it still is modern enough to be worn by anyone.

La Panthere opens up very mild, with strawberry and some dried fruits, the anise though hardly perceptible, is making the combination delectable. The gardenia and rose soon appear, but this is not a bright floral at all, the oakmoss makes it quite earthy. This earthy quality, is behind the charm of La Panthere, differentiating it from the other fruity-florals. The leather is not very prominent, but like a new leather handbag, soft and stylish. This is not Feral, this is the stuff of class. Ylang ylang and orange blossoms are somewhere in there, mixed with the oakmoss to add to the charm. This part of it reminds me of Elie Saab Le Parfum.

The dry down is musky florals with leather and oakmoss. The scent does not evolve much, and retains its character throughout. The longevity is amazing, I got compliments on it even 8-10 hrs after application, when I could no longer perceive it on myself. The sillage is good, but the scent in itself is very mild, and hence the longevity amazed me.

All in all, La Panthere is a beautiful fragrance, highly recommended. Earthy, mature, sophisticated and lingering.

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