Calvin Klein Euphoria

Provocative. sexy. sensual. experience the mystery of euphoria, an addictive oriental with contrasting exotic fruits, seductive florals and a rich creamy signature

The listed notes of CK Euphoria are top note as Pomegranate, Heart Notes of  Lotus, orchid, and Base Notes of Violet, Amber, musk, and mahogany

Love love love. If colours had a smell, CK Euphoria is how colour purple would smell like, seductive, warm and sweet.

Euphoria is the first perfume I bought, and hence will always be special for me. It is rich, dark, sensual, yet sweet and creamy. I love how creamy it smells, as most of the perfumes around become very powdery in the dry-down for my liking. It’s like a cocktail made out of succulent pomegranate, fragrant orchids and a lotus to balance things out. It smells expensive. The woody musky base lasts you the whole day, with enough sillage to get noticed by others. Does not require reapplication.


CK Euphoria is a very glamorous perfume, not meant for daily use, but for special occasions and night wear. This is the perfume I wore for my wedding, another reason why it is special for me. And my wedding gown still faintly smells of this, that is how long lasting it is on clothes. Though it cannot be called as a romantic perfume, yet it is very sensual, long-lasting and with amazing sillage. It will announce your presence like none other, and will get you compliments galore.


I bought the big bottle of Euphoria, and still have around half bottle left, though I don’t use it that frequently anymore, it still is my go to perfume for parties and weddings, where I want to stand out and be noticed for the whole night.

The bottle is good looking too, and is easily available at all stores. But it needs to be kept in its box only, as it’s difficult to keep it upright on its own and will keep getting knocked over.

Do I recommend it: yes

Price: I bought it for INR 4800 for 100 ml bottle, but prices keep varying from store to store, and also it can be found on discount on most online stores now.

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