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Calvin Klein Eternity moment

This is another flanker of the famous Calvin Klein Eternity. The original Eternity is a tribute by Calvin Klein for his marriage & his wife, the love that will last till eternity.

Eternity Moment is described as fresh, floral, aquatic, woody scent. I purchased it for spring & summer use, but this isn’t so fresh on me, maybe for the initial thirty seconds, when the fruity top notes burst through. The delicious raspberries and melon soon give way to the floral heart. I get peony, lots and lots and lots of it. This makes its presence felt right from the beginning, along with the fruits, and once that fades, this is all you are left with. Jasmine & Peony for a while and then musky peony. I don’t get much woodiness in it, and it remains a delicate floral scent throughout.

eternity moment @

My Review of Eternity Moment

Eternity moment is indeed very pretty, and very mild, will not offend anyone but also there is nothing unique about it. It is a very feminine scent. this might become a bit too much too handle on the extremely hot days, and will better suit in the slightly cooler evenings, or maybe on those days which aren’t the typical hot and humid Delhi summers. the musk becomes the dominant note then, and it can resemble body odour, but on cool evenings, it is very floral.

Overall a pretty floral, nothing like the original Eternity on me, but really resembles the other flanker, Eternity Aqua.

The longevity is amazing for such a delicate scent, and sillage is soft and moderate. My husband could still smell it on me at night, and also in the bathroom the next morning where my top was left in the laundry.

eternity moment @

A good buy for anyone looking for a floral feminine scent, available in the same bottle as the original and even the colour of the juice is extremely feminine. Light pinky peachy. Eternity Moment is easily available at all perfume stores, as well as on many online retailers at great  discounts. Buy it only if you really love peony.

My verdict: I really like it, but I prefer the original, which is stronger and spicy.


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