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Blind Buying Perfume Online

So are you amongst the ones to go headlong into the unchartered territories, or you prefer to play it safe? Is blind buying your thing? For those who aren’t getting my drift, blind buying a perfume is to buy one without ever sniffing or testing it. And am guilty of it, big time. My first blind buy was a real success, SJP Lovely, which just paved the way to many more such purchases, some hits, some misses.


The lure of blind buying lies both in the thrill, and also in the amazing deals you get sometimes. It might be the brand name, or this new launch you have been hearing about, or a fragrance your friends have been gushing about. The reasons might be numerous. For me, find it super cheap online, limited time offer, and I take the plunge. How do I decide??

How to Go about Blind Buying Perfume Online

  1. Vendor:

    if you want to buy perfume online, be utmost sure of the vendor you are buying it from. Read some reviews, just to be sure they are not selling some cheap knock-offs to you in the name of discount. There are many online retailers who do that, so beware. Check the feedback, and the star ratings for them.

  2. What you like?:

    Do you know the kind of perfumes you prefer? Is it floral, fruity, fresh or woody? Or more importantly, do you know the kinds you hate? AVOID them, just because it’s cheap, won’t make you like it. Try looking in the general category that you prefer.

  3. Notes:

    whenever any perfume discussion starts, it inadvertently goes to notes. So what are these notes? Put simply, notes are the components in a perfume, like ingredients in a dish. As the different ingredients and the quantities used give the dish its distinct taste, in a similar way the different notes, and their quantities used give the perfume their characteristic smell. Love florals, Jasmine, Rose, Freesia, Magnolia etc are some of the notes you should be looking for. Like Woody, look for cedar, mahogany etc in your perfume. Prefer fresh? Look for citrus, organic or aquatic notes.

Then there are combinations as well, i.e., fruity-florals, which will have a mix of notes like apples, berries and jasmine. Another major category is Oriental, which is the big daddy of the fragrance world, not meant for the faint hearted and comprise of loads of vanilla and spices.

  1. Reviews:

    Go for some online reviews, as they give you a fairly decent idea about the general structure of the perfume, i.e., which notes are most prominent, and which don’t make an entry at all, how is the sillage and the lasting power for it, and the overall perception of it. The final fragrance differs for everyone, as the body chemistry comes into picture, but it does give you with a basic idea to go on.

I have found some amazing fragrances on my blind buying sprees, such as SJP Lovely, Dior J’adore, Clinique Beyond Rose etc, a few so-so ones, like Naomagic, D&G Light Blue, and also complete failures, like Jacomo Silences (everywhere it said it’s a replica of Dior Addict, but is just a glorified version of bug spray on me 🙁 ).

Any successes for you??

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  • Great blog story!

    I love Silences, it reminds be of what Chanel 19 was like in the early 1990’s. It definitely needs the right chemistry.

    I do adore Dior Addict, but I don’t think the two are similar at all. DA has tonka bean and there’s not a trace of it in JS. JS has no hint of sensual warmth that DA embodies.

    • Rajni

      Thanks a lot Clare!! You like the Black one or the Purple? I have purple, and it just doesn’t go with my chemistry!!
      Similar to No 19, sounds interesting!!

      • Mohit Khatri

        Black one is Similar to No. 19.