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Amarige Mariage by Givenchy

Amarige Mariage is an awesome perfume, big floral, warm cinnamon and incredibly sweet. The notes in this are, top notes of bitter orange and bergamot, middle notes of Magnolia, Jasmine and Cinnamon, and base notes of Benzoin, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

My review of Amarige Mariage by Givenchy

Amarige Mariage was launched in 2006, as a flanker to the successful Amarige. Mariage was launched as the wedding day scent, and it does bring the picture of a bride to my mind, dressed in lovely white laces, with a bouquet of white flowers in her hand, but this definitely is not for the Indian Bride. Leaving the wedding day angle aside, this is a beautiful floral oriental, and has that signature Givenchy quality, delicious, warm and long-lasting.

Amarige Mariage opens up a bit non-descript, and I don’t get much from it for a few moments, but soon the lovely floral notes break through. There is a hint of the citrus bergamot, along with jasmine and magnolia to keep it from becoming too heavy. It makes me want to keep sniffing my wrists. Amarige Mariage is a must try scent if you like florals, and want to smell like a delicious bouquet of the prettiest flowers. This stage continues for a few hours, and though it is not very unique, it is very lovely. The bitter orange and bergamot add a fresh vibe to the florals, and linger around from the beginning till the end. Sadly, this gem is discontinued now, and might only be found online.


The dry down of Amarige Mariage is heavenly, soft, creamy, sweet with sprinkling of cinnamon. This smells like a fresh from the oven cinnamon bun. There is no vanilla listed in the notes, but it definitely has the creamy sweetness of vanilla. Mariage is not overtly gourmand, it is soft and balmy, very comforting. I still keep getting whiffs of the florals in the dry down as well, mixed with the soft creamy vanilla and sandalwood. Everytime I move around, I catch whiffs of it lingering around me and enveloping me, and each time it makes me smile. Amarige Mariage is definitely a happy scent, and that makes it very apt for the coming depressing foggy days, even though it won’t be out of place on a spring evening as well.


The sillage and longevity of Amarige Mariage is very good, with a little going a long way. The scent lasts throughout the day on skin, and for days on clothes. I wore it in evening, and could still smell it on me in morning, warm and cuddly. The bottle is like Amarige, round with grooves on the side, but has a cheap looking translucent white plastic cap.

Will I recommend it? Givenchy fragrances are quality, but expensive. This no doubt is a lovely fragrance, and I really enjoy wearing it, but you might be able to find cheaper alternatives. All said, if you can spend, it is an amazing fragrance to own, with quality to somewhat justify the price tag!!

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