Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Perfume, launched in 2000, is the signature perfume from the brand. Agent Provocateur is a prominent women’s lingerie brand, and this was their first foray into perfumes.

Top notes of Magnolia, and Indian Saffron, Middle notes of Gardenia, Vetiver, Moroccan Rose and Egyptian Jasmine, and Base comprising of Amber, Musk and Cedar.

My Review of Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is predominantly a rose fragrance, a sultry, erotic rose. Agent Provocateur has been classified as a modern chypre (a perfumey, floral woody mossy composition), and is a dark, dramatic and bold fragrance. The opening note of saffron gives it a sharp spicy character, but the rose soon takes a center stage. Agent Provocateur is a damp rose, with a background of musk, giving it the erotic vibe which made this fragrance famous. The musk though stays in the background, and never becomes prominent on its own, which makes it a really great fragrance for me (not a fan of overtly musky scents, they tend to smell like body odor after a point). It is quite similar to Narciso Rodriguez for Her, though is much more potent that it, more like Narciso Rodriguez for Her on Steroids. Agent Provocateur does not evolve much, and stays as a rose dominant fragrance throughout, with the vetiver, musk, and woods adding depth to it in the background.

Agent Provocateur is one of the most gorgeous roses I have ever tried, an oriental rose, thanks to the saffron in the notes. It smells a bit vintage, but not all dated or mature. It is a beautiful fragrance suitable for all age groups, and both as a day time or night in town kind of scent. Agent Provocateur often gets a bad name, being described as a dirty, morning after kind of scent, but to me it is nothing but pure gorgeousness in a bottle. Wet roses, like covered in dew, dark, creamy, and long lasting. The vetiver makes it smell a little dusty, like roses kept in a old room, but that just adds depth to the fragrance. Agent Provocateur is soon becoming a favorite of mine, an everyday scent.

Agent Provocateur: The Bottle and Longevity

The bottle of Agent Provocateur is pink porcelain, very delicate and pretty, and shaped like a grenade. The cap is like a pin, which will make the grenade go off, and will cover you in a blast of roses. The lasting power is amazing, it stays true throughout the day, and can even be sniffed the next morning. The first time I had tried it was in winters, and it did not last that long, but summers seem to have really increased longevity (a bit opposite than other scents).

Agent Provocateur is easily available online (haven’t seen it in any shop in India), in huge 200 ml bottles, and often on discount. A great bargain deal!!!

Will I recommend it?

Definitely yes!!! But only if you like roses!!

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