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After you commit to a bottle of perfume

Now that you have your own bottle of precious juice, how do you make it last throughout the day, and the bottle to last you for many years to come, if like me you don’t believe in wearing the scent day on day.

  1. Store it well

    : the outer carton of your perfume bottle has a purpose after all, to save it from light. Keep the bottle in a cool, dry place, away from light to add years to its life. You might be tempted to keep that pretty bottle on your dresses, but do it only if you use a single perfume at a time and will spritz your way through it in a couple of months. perfume tray whitney port

  2. Application

    : Applying on pulse-points is an age old trick. But does it work? Am not much of a believer in applying on wrists, or even crook of elbow for that matter. It fades off very fast, also every time you wash your hands, some gets washed off from your wrists.

where apply daily mail

So where should you apply? Neck works for me very well, and the cleavage. Even the milder ones last a lot longer this way. Add a spritz on the back of your neck, to give rise to a trail, and also lovely whiffs whenever you move your hair. You can also apply some on your abdomen and back, for a more mild and lingering scent.

Behind the ears is another advertised area, but I find it really difficult with a spray bottle, and hence skip it altogether, or might dab some with my wrists, but haven’t noticed much of an effect. This way is meant for roll ons and dab-ons, which aren’t easily available in India.

A few sprays on clothes also help, though it won’t radiate much, as there will be no body heat to help dissipate the oils, but it will last a very long time. Just be careful, it might stain your clothes, and the delicate embroidery on them. Silk is a complete no-no as it might leave a permanent stain, cotton holds the fragrance really well, on synthetics there will be slight staining which does get washed off, but synthetics don’t hold the fragrance well and it won’t last long.

“Where should you apply perfume? where you want to get kissed…..Coco Chanel”

  1. Moisturise

    : add a moisturiser before you apply your perfume. The correct order is shower, moisturise, and perfume. It will make it last much longer. The dry skin eats up all the perfume oil, and it fades very fast. woman-applying-hand-lotion

  2. Reapplication

    : despite so many measures, some perfumes just do not last, and you need to reapply in the middle of the day. For that purpose, I do not advise carrying the full bottle around. You are risking breakage, and also spoiling the perfume with frequent temperature changes (I have spoiled one like this, it hardly lasts an hour on me now, whereas earlier it used to be pretty long lasting).

Anyways, travalo’s are a good option. They are small refillable perfume sprays, which hold 5-10 ml at a time, and are very travel friendly. They will easily last you anywhere between 10-20 days of regular use, and more if you use if only for reapplications.

            IMG_20150907_222556            IMG_20150907_222809

  1. Weather:

    the weather makes all the difference. The hot weather makes your perfumes evaporate all the more faster, they seem heavy and cloying while they last and are soon gone. And in winters, you will need heavier perfumes, with more sprays, to keep the aroma discernible, but it will last the whole day, and ages on your woollens.  application

  2. Layering:

    layering your perfume with similar scents is another way. The usual methods are moisturiser and bath products of the same set. Though that is a very pricey method, so you can go for same scented family as well. Like a vanilla moisturiser (St Ives Vanilla is a good option) with a vanilla heavy perfume (YSL Cinema, Dior Addict).

You can also go for unscented moisturiser, instead of using clashing fragrances, like a vanilla moisturiser with a citrus perfume.

TIP: make your own scented moisturiser, mix a spray with some unscented moisturiser and spread it all over your arms, and body for a diffuse and delicious effect.

TIP 2: to enhance the longevity by leaps & bounds, use some ittars to go along with your perfumes. Ittars or Attars are extremely long lasting, but very linear. So combine some attar which has a similar note as that of the base notes of your perfume for a new effect to give more depth and lasting power to the perfume.

I use a few dabs of tea rose attar along with Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual, which is quite a rosy scent. Unleash your creativity.

TIP 3: you can also layer fragrances, to create a new effect and add certain nuances to create your own unique individualistic scents. I like to mix YSL Cinema with a spray of Prada L’eau Ambree to play on the amber of Cinema, or some super sweet perfume like Armani Si with a spray of D&G Light Blue.


Please do comment with your favourite combinations, or some tips of your own, or if this helped you in any way.


(Picture Courtesy: dailymail.co.uk, whitneyport.uk)

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