About Me


Hi Everyone!! I am Rajni, a doctor by qualification, Manager in a corporate by profession, and an amateur perfumista by choice. If I say I am obsessed with perfumes, it will not be an under-statement. My three major interests are trying new perfumes, reading books and having endless cups of coffee, and the best is sampling a new perfume over a cup of coffee, while reading a book :).

My obsession about perfumes took me from buying perfumes, to reading books/ blogs about perfumes, to making my own blog.

Why a new blog? all the major blogs are based out of Western countries, and as I noticed the longevity and the evolution is different in the Indian climate and with our chemistry.

What is this blog about? As the title says, “It’s all about Perfumes”, from General perfume articles, to perfume reviews to our individualistic tips and tricks related to perfumes.

What I would be sampling? Its mainly about commercially available fragrances in India.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles, as much as I enjoyed writing them.