Best perfumes for Men

10 Best Modern Perfumes for Men

10 Best Perfumes for Men

In continuation with the similar list for women, is the list of best modern perfumes for men released in the last 15 years, i.e., between 2000 to 2015. The main source for the data is courtesy Grant, who is the Founder & Editor of Basenotes, a major perfume review and contribution website. He has complied this amazing list of Top 500 perfumes (here) for both men and women, based on the data aggregated over the last 15 years from:

  1. The perfume wardrobes people have created online
  1. The reviews submitted
  1. The perfumes searched on website
  1. The wish lists created on the website
  1. And the number of times people have worn a particular fragrance

Wow!! That’s a heck of a list, a must visit for all perfume lovers.

The Top 10 perfumes for men mentioned here, are sourced from the list, removing the ones not easily available in India, or discontinued now. Basically, the commercially available ones!!

10. Gucci Pour Homme: This one followed in the footsteps of Gucci EDP for Women, and is a warm spicy and woody fragrance, featuring a bottle that is as perfect as the scent inside!! Gucci Pour Homme features at #26.

9. A*Men Pure Malt: This is an amazing winter perfume, warm, boozy and sweet, without ever being cloying. This features at #25.

8. M7 by YSL at #20 is a legend!! Oud, amber, spices and wood, get ready for a heady cocktail, which is heavy, rich and intensive.

7. La Nuit de l’Homme by YSL features at #19, and is housed in a very interesting looking bottle. It is a pleasant, powdery, spicy scent, which is very much appreciated by most women!!!

6. Burberry London features in at #16, and is the perfect combination of leather, lavender and tobacco. Pure Bliss!!

5. Encre Noire by Lalique: This one is heavy and masculine, try it before you buy it. Dark, smoky cypress, which turns earthy and woody in the base, and slightly sweet. Very very long lasting!! This features at #12

4. Dior Homme Intense: DHI is a love for me!! Iris, Lavender, warm and snugly, this is heaven in a bottle, and features in at #9

3. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford at #3, is rich,heavy and warm. This is not your everyday scent, but needs a special occasion.

2. Aventus by Creed  at #2, is bound to turn heads, with its smoky pineapple and leather notes. This is a giant of a performer.

1. Terre d’hermes is the undisputed king, and features at #1. It is the perfect everyday scent, citrus, woody and earthy!

Honorary mentions:
Dior Homme(11), a beautiful scent, and the only reason it does not feature on my list is that Intense is already there.
Tuscan Leather (14), is another amazing perfume by Tom Ford, a little difficult to get your hands on, as it is a part of the private collection and is available only at select outlets. The perfect scent to go with a Tuxedo.
Virgin Island Waters by Creed, at #17, is a citrusy coconut cocktail, a truly tropical delight!
Chergui by Serge Lutens (4), a strong honey and tobacco scent, with amazing performance.
L’Instant de Guerlain (35), Am a fan of Guerlain, and love almost everything from the house, and this is no different, woody creamy cacao!!
A*Men Pure Havane (39) Another winner from Thierry Mugler, a gourmand Tobacco.
Which is your favorite out of these?
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